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AA series Linear Strain Guage With 1 Measurement Grid
Series AA is the first choice for strain measurements in only one direction. We offer you linear strain gauges in various geometries and sizes, each available with temperature responses adapted for steel, aluminum or to customer specification. Strain gauges are available with nominal resistances of 120, 350 ohms.
Torsion/shear Strain Gauges with 1or 2 Measuring Grids
Types AB and HA are V-shaped strain gauges with 1 or 2 measuring grids arranged at an angle of about 45°. Typical applications for measurements on torsion bars and determining shear stresses as they occur in shear beams in the area of neutral fibers.
T Rosettes with 2 Measurement Grids for Analyzing Biaxial Stress States
T rosettes type have 2 measuring grids arranged at a 90° degree offset from each other. Typical applications for these strain gauges include analysis of a biaxial stress state with known principal directions as well as measurements on tension and compression bars.
Strain Gauge Rosettes with 3 Measuring Grids
These strain gauges are an appropriate choice for analyzing the biaxial stress state with unknown principal strain directions. Rosettes type CA, CAA, CB, CDA and CDB have 3 measuring grids arranged at an angle of 0°/45°/90°or 0°/60°/120°.
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